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We've loved every minute of our journey

And over 20 plus years later.. We are still going strong!

An Idea was Born

"BMW 550"

This clients vehicle got curb pretty much the entire wheel. He was on a three year least term and it was time to return it.  They wanted to charge him for a new wheel  and had reached out to me to see if we could save it.  Within about an hour had him back on the road to return the vehicle, saving him about a $600 dollar charge from BMW.

"Ford Mustang GT"

This clients was on a first date and decided to valet park the car.  When getting ready to leaving, the valet guy was brining up his car and got to close to the yellow curb and hit it right in front of him.  He felt his hart drop and his dinner date just got more expensive.  found me on the web the next day and I was able to get him back to like new conditions for a fraction of the cost of a new rim. 

"Bentley Ghost"

This woman's husband just bought her a brand new Bentley and was not used to such a large vehicle.  While out running errands, she was pulling into a shopping center and got a little to close to the curb, hitting the tire and rim.  She called me really upset and was worried her husband was going to be upset.  Not only was I able to save the rim, but gave her a peace of mind confronting her husband about it.

"Tesla Model 3"

As most Tesla owners know.  The wheels are designed in a way that makes very easy to get curb damage.  Unfortunately this client found out the hard way.  Reached out to me after only having the car less then a week and really bummed out that he damage his new car.  Good thing for him I do a lot of Tesla and very familiar with them and how to properly work on these vehicles.  Had him back to new like standards within about an hour while he relaxed at, and I repaired it in front of his home.

"BMW 650"

"Porsche 911"

"Tesla Model X"

"BMW M5"

"Tesla Model S"​

The damage on this wheel was really deep, but was able get it out about 90% and back to a like new standard.  The tire was not removed from the rim and was repaired on the vehicle @ the clients Office.  

What is your story?

WE would love to help make it a thing of the past.

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